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MOVE 2019

Athletes InterVarsity Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

MOVE is our annual conference for varsity and club college athletes. We gather once a year at MOVE to connect with athletes from other campuses around the country and learn more about how to connect with Jesus. This is the perfect getaway off campus for the seasoned Christian leader on their team as well as the athlete whom is just starting to explore their faith.  

This year we will be focusing on Leadership and learning from the Biblical character Daniel. Paul Tokunaga, Founder and President of MELD (Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development), will be this year’s speaker. MELD’s mission is to equip coaches and students to thrive in a racially diverse world. We are excited to have Paul and his years of experience developing leaders in InterVarsity and beyond.  

Plan on joining us this year at MOVE and bringing your teammates!

When: January 26-27, 2019 (1pm Sat. - 3pm Sun.)
Where: Black Rock Retreat, Quarryville, PA

Cost*: $65 through Dec. 15th
$75 Dec. 16-Jan. 19th
$85 Jan. 20th-Day Of
*includes $25 non-refundable deposit

If you bring a teammate, you both come for half off! Talk to your Athletes IV staff for more information