Lake Champion Work Crew FAQ

“Work Crew is a challenging yet rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to both serve your friends and neighbors while learning Christ’s characteristics of humility, patience, kindness, and love. Last year, I entered into the experience thinking I was going to just wash a few dishes and left being challenged to look at service and the people who serve me on a daily basis in a whole new way.”  -Jon Paramore, Work Crew 2017


What is Work Crew?

Work Crew is a team of volunteers that serves for a week in the Lake Champion dinning hall. Instructed by the Lack Champion staff and chefs, work crew prepares and serves meals, cleans and sets the tables, and washes dishes. Food is crucial! This service is critical to enable students to fully participate in their Bible study tracks and get the most out of Chapter Camp.


What does a typical day look like?

This year the plan is for Work Crew to work 2 meals a day -- including prep, serving tables, clean up and set up for the next meal.  We’ll arrange shifts among the crew so all 3 meals are covered.  Folks will be off for 1 meal each day with time to rest and enjoy the amenities of Lake Champion.  It is a full day of physical work that will require being on your feet for most of the day and an ability to lift and carry food and stacks of dishes.  Plan on going to bed tired, but satisfied by a day spent serving others.  Also, we’re still ironing out the details, but we’re hoping to offer a communal devotion each day to process God’s invitations throughout the week.


How much does it cost to do Work Crew?

Nothing.  It’s free!


When do you need Work Crew?

We need a separate Work Crew for each of the three weeks that students are at Lake Champion for Chapter Camp.  

Week 1 (May *6-12)   *note Sunday to Saturday

Week 2 (May 12-18)

Week 3 (May 19-25)


Do folks need to come for the whole week?

Yes.  While we realize this may prevent some from volunteering, due to training and scheduling considerations we need folks who can commit to being present for the whole week.


Can students be on Work Crew?

Certainly!  We would love to have students stay for a second week of camp and join Work Crew.  In fact, any students that participate in work crew will earn a $150 scholarship for another week of camp that can be used by them or given to someone else in their chapter.


I want to know more, who can I talk to?

Sign-up here to learn more.  Someone will follow up with you personally to answer any questions within the week.


I’m in!  How do I sign up?

Register for Work Crew for one of the weeks below.  You’ll sign up for camp just like students. When asked for a “track” choose “Work Crew,” and answer "Other" as your campus if you are not a current student.

Week 1 (May *6-12)   *note Sunday to Saturday

Week 2 (May 12-18)

Week 3 (May 19-25)


When can I expect to know more details?

Expect to hear from us in mid-April about specifics such as arrival times, packing lists, driving directions, etc.