Soul Café

A Night of worship through the arts

WHEN: Friday, February 8, 2019, 7:30 - 10:30pm (doors open at 7)
WHERE: Central Presbyterian Church - 7308 York Rd., Towson, MD
COST: Free

Soul Café is a space for BCM students and friends to worship God through the arts and share their gifts with the community. BCM's Soul Café provides connection with other college students in the region, opportunity to encounter God and practical ideas for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ back on campus and in our communities. The open mic line up is reserved for college students expressly. Contact us at with any questions or to be a part of the line up.


BLACK student Leadership Conference 

WHEN: Saturday, February 9, 2019, 9am - 6pm
WHERE: Central Presbyterian Church - 7308 York Rd., Towson, MD

It’s no secret…our world is in a current state of despair: 

Social Injustice 
Sexual Brokenness 
Political Polarization  

The effects of sin are evident and the response to what we’ve seen is anger, division and malice. What if our response wasn’t the clap back according to the world, but a clap back that challenges the status quo and demonstrates the love of God? One that invites a healthy response, sheds light in darkness, breaks down walls of hostility, catalyzes healing, and influences others in the likeness of Jesus Christ? One that encompasses the whole of who we are as people of the African diaspora, using our prophetic voice to bringing collective liberation and advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth? 

Join us at RELEASE '19, InterVarsity's Mid-Atlantic Region Black Student Leadership Conference, to learn more about how to do and be just this - how to clap back in a godly way and be God's clap back in the earth.  

The RELEASE Conference has been equipping and empowering college students from the African diaspora across our region for the last decade. Register for RELEASE by clicking the button below. Please also "Like" our Facebook page to connect to our online community and if you have any questions, contact us at

If you are planning to attend both Soul Café and RELEASE and need overnight housing options, please signify in the RELEASE registration.