Chapter Camp FAQ

What's Camp like?

  • You'll spend most of your day in track (i.e., manuscript study, talks, training, or planning).

  • You'll have several hours of free time each afternoon. There are recreation options available if you choose.

  • We'll also gather in the afternoons in your campus fellowship groups, as well as for camp-wide worship.

  • Housing at Lake Champion is bunk-style lodges; housing at Tel Hai is bunk-style rooms and cabins.

  • At both camps, you'll need to bring bedding and towels, and be prepared to carry toiletries to and from shower rooms.

What track do I sign up for?

  • Talk to your staff worker about the best track for you.

  • In general, manuscript tracks follow a progression: Mark 1 -> Mark 2 -> Genesis.

  • Senior track has no pre-requisites and is open to all seniors.

When does Camp start and end?

  • Week 1: Sunday, May 5, 4 PM - Saturday, May 11, 1 PM
    Week 2: Saturday, May 11, 4 PM - Friday, May 17, 1 PM
    Week 3: Saturday, May 18, 4 PM - Friday, May 24, 1 PM
    Week 4: Saturday, May 25, 4 PM - Friday, May 31, 1 PM
    Week 5: Thursday, May 30, 4PM - Tuesday, June 4, 4PM

  • Arriving on time and staying for the whole week of camp is a requirement.

  • If you need to arrive after dinner on the first day or leave before breakfast on the last day, you need to obtain permission from the Camp Director and your campus staff before you register.

How do I get to Camp?

What do I bring to Camp?

  • Insurance card and medicines you regularly take (Allergy? Bring your epipen! Asthma? Bring your inhaler!)

  • Bible, notebook, soap, towel, pillows, bedding, sun tan lotion, bug spray, etc.

  • A heart and mind that are ready to receive what God wants to say to you

  • A flexible attitude - ready to meet new people, sleep in a bunk, share a bathroom.

  • Clothes for cold weather. This is especially true at Lake Champion. It is very chilly in the mountains! Check the weather here if you don't believe us. You will want a thick sweatshirt at any of the camps.

  • Bathing suit for the lake or pool (and the hot tub at Lake Champion) and clothes for recreation

  • Water bottle or coffee mug (be kind to the environment)

Will I need money at Camp?

  • If you need to pay a balance on your camp registration, you can do so by cash, check, or credit card (please note that Active does not accept American Express cards!). Be ready to pay your balance at the time of arrival.

  • There is a book table! You can pay for books by cash, check, or credit card.

  • An offering will be taken for student work in Western Asia and IFES chapters around the world.

  • At Lake Champion, the camp snack bar and store will be open throughout the week. There are also vending machines at each camp.

  • All of these are optional. There are no additional program costs once you've paid for camp.

What if I have a medical condition or special medical needs?

  • If you have a medical condition that may require attention while at camp, please email the Camp Registrar.

  • The hospital and pharmacy are half an hour away from each camp. Please be sure to bring all regular medications, including inhalers, sufficient supplies for diabetes, and medication for any allergies.

What if I have special diet needs?

  • By this we mean vegetarian, vegan, or serious allergies (e.g., nut, wheat, etc.). We do not mean, "I'm trying a new diet and I can't eat French fries." (Note: Fried potatoes of one sort or another are a major food group at camp. Don't say we didn't warn you!)

  • If you have food restrictions that will affect your time at camp, please list these at registration. If you will be at Lake Champion, fill out this "Special Diet Request" form. It helps the kitchen staff accommodate needs if they are told in advance. If you are concerned about getting necessary nutrients (like enough grams of protein), you may want to bring supplemental items.

What if I have a question not addressed here?

  • Ask someone who has been to camp before! If you don't get an answer from a friend, ask your staff worker, and after that you may email the Camp Registrar.