InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian student-led ministry dedicated to establishing witnessing communities on college and university campuses. The Mid-Atlantic Region of InterVarsity serves students in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, and the eastern half of Pennsylvania.

Undergraduate students are at a critical time - a time when they begin to make serious choices about relationships, career, and lifestyle. But they are not being taught to seek Jesus' calling for their lives as they make these choices.

Undergraduate students are at a critical place - a place where they are gathered to be given knowledge and skills to prepare them to take up significant roles in our culture. But they are not being taught that learning from Jesus is the key to understanding all the rest.

Undergraduate students are being given critical resources - resources which include knowledge, training, credentials, and privilege, and along with these the potential for money and power. But they are not being taught to use their treasures in the service of Jesus Christ.

We go to the university with the Word of God
to call undergraduate students to live as students of Jesus Christ.

We want to see growing groups of undergraduates who are a compelling witness to Jesus Christ. They spread to every corner of their campus with the word of God, calling every student to Jesus Christ.

They welcome every student into a community that:

  • trusts deeply in Jesus as they make choices about their relationships, careers, and lifestyles,
  • learns intently from Jesus as they seek true understanding in all they study,
  • responds enthusiastically to Jesus as they use the resources they have been given to serve others.

And they send out graduates who live this way for a lifetime - out to every corner of the world - as a compelling witness to Jesus Christ.