An in-depth manuscript Bible study of the Gospel of Mark, chapters 1-8. Get a new and deeper look at Jesus, the Kingdom of God, and what it all means for us, our campuses and our world.
Prerequisites: None. This is the "101" track of camp.


An in-depth manuscript Bible study of the second half of Mark's gospel (end of Chapter 8-16). Go deeper with Jesus and his followers as he heads toward the cross. Look more intently at what it means to walk with him on this path.
Prerequisites: Mark 1.


An in-depth manuscript Bible study of Genesis 1-11. Discover more about the who, what, and why of God's purposes in creating the world and our place in it.
Prerequisites: Mark 1 & 2.


This track is designed for graduating seniors.  Each day we’ll explore a topic related to the transition out of undergrad life and into the next step, be it work, grad school, or the great unknown.  We’ll look at Bible passages where God leads his people through life transitions, explore spiritual disciplines that equip us to follow well, and consider the practical realities of facing lots of different kinds of newness. Because graduation dates often make it difficult for seniors to attend the full week, this track is designed to have a more flexible partial-week schedule. 

Prerequisites:  none